Clear Aligners

  • High quality, well-planned aligners​

  • Consistently precise-fitting appliances

  • Quick turnaround time 

  • Great prices


5 Aligners
includes setup


20 Aligners
includes setup

The Fit Sets Us Apart

We Speak Orthodontics... Fluently

over 150 years combined experience in Clinical Orthodontics and services 

Aligner Services

IDB Services

We digitally set up the brackets with robotic precision using Ortho Insight 3D® software. We then 3D print the custom indirect bonding transfer trays. Each bracket is exactly positioned on each tooth on your patient. Allows you to delegate to staff to allow multiple concurrent bonding appointments.

Ortho Insight 3D®

American Board of Orthodontics

Board Certification Testing

Preparation Assistance


“Ortho Insight 3D® is exceptional.

I did my research and in my opinion, Ortho Insight 3D® is the best software platform available.

Making our own custom aligners just makes very sound economic sense. It literally changed the way our office practiced overnight. This software is a game changer and I could not be any happier!”

Dr. David E. Harmon, Jr.
Mitchellville, MD



Over 150 years combined experience in Clinical Orthodontics and services. Our company provides custom clear aligner services and custom braces for dental professionals to use in straightening teeth. We also offer software to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning for orthodontic patients.


Mon - Thursday: 8am - 6pm
​​Friday: 8am - 4pm
​Saturday-Sunday: Closed



Our home base is Chattanooga TN, where we have been in business for more than 25 years. We have resellers all over the world ready to assist you.

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